Reconceptualize Job Descriptions

Simplify both the template and the process to transform job descriptions into living documents that drive stakeholder value.

Reconceptualize Job Descriptions

Member Challenge

  • The high level of detail in job descriptions and lengthy approval processes are incongruent with today’s dynamic environment.
  • The evolving nature of work challenges traditional approaches to job descriptions.
  • Out-of-date, incomplete, or vague job descriptions lead to confusion, employee disengagement, and increased risk in labor litigation.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Transform job descriptions into living documents.
  • Design a job description template and process that encourage rather than inhibit regular updates.
  • Have job descriptions inform regularly occurring manager-employee conversations.
  • Create buy-in for your new template and process by providing effective support for managers and building on early successes.

Impact and Result

  • Use McLean & Company’s process to select and tailor the right type of template(s) for your organization.
  • Simplify the process to ease the burden of creating, updating, and maintaining job descriptions for all stakeholders.
  • Turn job descriptions into living documents that managers, HR, and employees find value in.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Establish a multi-purpose template

Evaluate existing job descriptions (JDs) to pinpoint opportunities for integration across HR functions and determine the appropriate template type to create tailored JD templates.

Name Actions
Reconceptualize Job Descriptions Storyboard
Reconceptualize Job Descriptions Executive Briefing
Job Description Template – Traditional
Job Description Template – Streamlined
Job Description Tracking Tool

2. Develop a process for creating and updating job descriptions

Identify the best process and workflow for creating and updating JDs while avoiding common JD process pitfalls.

Name Actions
Job Description Launch Deck

3. Train stakeholders and implement the process

Customize the Job Description Launch Deck and Job Description Writing Guide, and then select a pilot group for the rollout.

Name Actions
Job Description Writing Guide
Job Analysis Questionnaire