Develop a Leadership Strategy to Drive Organizational Results

Strengthen organizational leadership by developing a clear vision of the leaders your organization needs to drive results.

Develop a Leadership Strategy to Drive Organizational Results

Member Challenge

  • Leadership development isn’t helping. Less than half of business leaders would describe the return from their leadership development efforts as good or very good (Korn Ferry Institute, 2015).
  • The current operational context makes it more difficult than ever for leadership to be effective. The VUCA environment makes it challenging to make good decisions, organizations are not always set up to promote effective leadership, and some traditionally rewarded leadership behaviors are a liability for leaders today.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Building the organization’s leadership capabilities is not just about leadership development.
  • Develop a strategy for leadership that is tied to the organizational strategy and takes into account today’s leadership needs in order to set the organization up for leadership success.

Impact and Result

Develop a leadership strategy tied to the organizational strategy to build your organization’s leadership capacity. This includes:

  1. A vision for leadership and how it supports business strategies.
  2. Leadership competencies required to carry out these strategies.
  3. A plan of action for how to align people processes to meet leadership needs, including addressing any organizational barriers to leadership success.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Define leadership for your organization

Conduct analyses and interviews to develop an aligned leadership strategy vision statement.

Name Actions
Develop a Leadership Strategy to Drive Organizational Results Storyboard
Develop a Leadership Strategy to Drive Organizational Results Executive Briefing
Leadership Strategy Working Document
Leadership Strategy Template
Senior Leader Interview Guide
Leadership Strategy Focus Group Guide
Leadership PESTLE Analysis Template
Leadership SWOT Analysis Template

2. Identify leadership competencies

Select key leadership competencies that support the leadership vision.

Name Actions
Leadership Competency Library

3. Prepare to integrate leadership vision throughout the organization

Action plan for integrating the leadership vision across the organization and measuring impacts.

Name Actions