Select Software With the Right Satisfaction Drivers in Mind

Focus on deep satisfaction and don’t marry your vendors.

Member Challenge

  • Software selection needs to provide satisfaction. Across the board, satisfaction is easy to achieve in the short term, but long-term satisfaction is much harder to attain. It’s not clear what leads to long-term satisfaction, and it’s even more difficult to determine which software continuously delivers on key satisfaction drivers to support the business.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Software satisfaction drops over time. After the initial purchase, the novelty factor of new software begins to wane, and only long-term satisfaction drivers sustain satisfaction after five years.
  • Surface-level satisfaction has immediate effects, but it only provides satisfaction in the short term. Deep satisfaction has a lasting impact that can shape organizational satisfaction and productivity in meaningful ways.
  • Empower IT decision makers with knowledge about what drives satisfaction in the top five and bottom five software vendors in spotlighted categories.

Impact and Result

  • Reorient discussion around how software is implemented around satisfaction rather than what’s in fashion.
  • Identify software satisfaction drivers that provide deep satisfaction to get the most out of software over the long term.
  • Appreciate the best from the rest and learn which software categories and brands buck the trend of declining satisfaction.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Understand what drives user satisfaction

Gain insight on the various factors that influence software satisfaction.

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Select Software With the Right Satisfaction Drivers in Mind Storyboard

2. Learn what provides deep satisfaction

Reduce the size of your RFPs or skip them entirely to limit time spent watching vendor dog and pony shows.

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3. Appreciate what separates the best from the rest

Narrow the field to four contenders prior to in-depth comparison and engage in accelerated enterprise architecture oversight.

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Select Software With the Right Satisfaction Drivers in Mind