The Death of Ads

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The Death of Ads

Published December 5, 2019

When Google was founded, advertising was not in its business model. In fact, it didn't have a business model.

When Facebook was founded, etc.

When Twitter, etc.

When Amazon was founded, advertising was not in its business model ---

Real Fraud, Fake Customers

The amount of money being spent on online advertising today is countable: it's in the area of $107B in the US alone. The amount of money being stolen or just completely wasted? It's at least in the $16B-$30B range for 2019, but we'll note at the outset: no one knows the exact number.

To be clear: in today's automated system of online ad placements, programmatically controlled through digital bids and auctions, there is, according to the most technically advanced advertisers, absolutely no way to determine how much of their ad spend is never seen by a real human customer.

This is a far cry from the meme that online ads are so specifically targeted that vendors can virtually sell on a per-person basis, profiling down to gender, age, town, car type, political party, drugs bought, and books read.

In fact, the return on funds invested (ROI) in online ads is so poor today that companies are returning to the "carpet bombing" ad days of the 1960s, moving ad dollars back into TV and other mass media.

What will this mean for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all of the thousands of thousands of websites that get their primary revenues from online advertising? It means they're facing a day of reckoning that no one seems quite aware of yet.


How did we get from the Mad Men business model of 1950s Madison Avenue to where we are today? Let's start with a look at the latter.

Below is an analysis prepared by on the issue.

How ad fraud and click fraud are affecting
millions of companies worldwide, as of 2019

Ad Fraud Statistics

      • The ad fraud botnet "Chameleon"costs advertisers over $6 million a month (, 2016)
      • Marketers lost $7.2 billion to digital ad fraud in 2016 (WhiteOps, 2016)
      • 1 in 5 ad-serving websites are visited exclusively by fraud bots (The Verge, 2017)
      • For every $3 spent on digital ads, fraud takes $1 (, 2015)
      • Levels of fraud are not constant throughout the year. Fraud is invited whenever and wherever digital advertising demand outstrips supply. (WhiteOps, 2017)
      • US brands will lose $6.5 billion to ad fraud in 2017 (Marketing Week, 2017)
      • Display ads examined by Integral Ad Science found 8.3% of all impressions were fraudulent (Integral Ad Science, 2016)
      • Ads with a CPM greater than $10 experience 39% higher bot fraud than lower-valued inventory (ANA, 2016)
      • The industry with the most bot traffic is Finance with over 22% of traffic being registered as fake (Bloomberg, 2015)

Click Fraud Statistics

      • Click fraud is currently growing at 50% per year (The Australian)
      • Desktop click fraud has risen from 20% to 24% in 2017 (Pixalate, 2017)
      • Nearly 20% of total digital ad spend was wasted in 2016 (CNBC, 2017)
      • Smartphone click fraud increased 102% from January - April 2017 (Pixalate, 2017)
      • 1 in 5 pay per clicks were fraudulent in January 2017 (Pixalate, 2017)
      • 50 percent of ad impressions served on Internet Explorer were to non-human traffic (FraudLogix, 2016)
      • Video click fraud was 26% higher in April 2017 (25.3%) than it was in January 2017 (20.1%) (Pixalate, 2017)
      • The click fraud operation Methbot generates $3 to $5 million in fraudulent revenue every day (WhiteOps, 2016)

But wait - depending on your sophistication, how and where you buy, and how much you pay, things might be much, much worse than even these statistics suggest.

What if only 2% of all of the clicks you paid for on your favorite well-known ad site were from humans - instead of bots? Or, amazing as it sounds - what if none was?

It's impossible to appreciate the extent of this automated fraud program without first having a sense of the number and type of fake websites that exist today. And a good way to start is to appreciate that fake websites claiming to be news sites are often the most effective of these: they're easy to build, hard to detect, and play upon a public both hungry for various news feed, and poor at (or literally unable to) discerning the fraudulent.

Real Ads, Fake Sites

While there are thousands of such sites, here is a short list of the better-known, from

Fake news websites




70 News

A WordPress-hosted site that published a false news story, stating that Donald Trump had won the popular vote in the 2016 United States presidential election; the fake story rose to the top in searches for "final election results" on Google News.

[10][11] (defunct)

Owned by Paul Horner. Mimics the URL, design and logo of ABC News (owned by Disney-ABC Television Group).


American News

Published a false story claiming actor Denzel Washington endorsed Donald Trump for president. The fictional headline led to thousands of people sharing it on Facebook, a prominent example of fake news spreading on the social network prior to the 2016 presidential election.


Before It's News

Cited by U.S. President Donald Trump at his 2016 campaign rallies. Before It's News and InfoWars were described as "unabashedly unhinged 'news' sites" in 2014 by The Washington Post following its promotion of conspiracy theories relating to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.


Often spreading fake stories, often of political nature.


Its stories have been mistaken as real-news then shared and cited as real-news. Its disclaimer says the stories "could be true" because "reality is so strange nowadays". But the disclaimer also says it is "a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle."[20] Its name is similar to the unrelated Indian English-language daily newspaper called Business Standard.


Designed to imitate Was used to issue a false report announcing that Twitter had received a USD $31 billion takeover offer, resulting in a brief 8% stock price spike of Twitter. The site is now defunct.


The Boston Tribune

Starting in February 2016, this website's outright hoaxes quickly became popular with its readers.


Responsible for publishing numerous death hoaxes, including one for former First Lady Barbara Bush one day after her announcement that she would halt all further medical treatment in 2018. Designed to emulate CNN.


BVA News

[No description]



Has falsely claimed that Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Chicago, Illinois after more than 300 people were shot in one night; that a Wendy's employee put vaginal discharge on a burger as revenge against a partner; and that Bryshere Y. Gray was Jay-Z's son. Contains a "notorious fauxtire and satire entertainment" disclaimer which used to read "the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website in the world".[33]


Imitated, complete with the CNN logo. Pushed the Hawking Codescam


Conservative 101

Falsely claimed that the White House fired Kellyanne Conway.


Conservative Frontline

Owned by Jestin Coler.


The fake news website, registered to Tbilisi, Georgia, makes "a minimal attempt to look official" and is used to spread malware on readers' computers.


Daily Buzz Live

Website dedicated in bringing bizarre stories for the sole purpose of getting traffic to its website.


Daily USA Update

[No description]


DC Gazette

[No description]


Denver Guardian

Owned by Jestin Coler.


Disclose TV

[No description]


Owned by Jestin Coler (mimics the name of the Drudge Report).


Empire Herald

Starting in January 2016, this fake news site had spread many of its hoaxes online in just a few weeks.


Empire News

Many of this website's fake news hoaxes were widely shared on social media, with stories based off social or political controversies, or were simply appalling to readers. The site says that its content is for "entertainment purposes only."[43]


Empire Sports

Includes a disclaimer describing itself as a "satirical and entertainment website."[44] Not to be confused with the legitimate (but long-defunct) Empire Sports Network.


Site currently down.


The Gateway Pundit

A popular right-wing blog prone to publishing false stories, including a story involving an unsubstantiated claim that Special Counsel head Robert Mueller sexually assaulted someone.


Global Associated News

Described itself as enabling users to produce fake stories using its "fake celebrity news engine."


Principal website of the Centre for Research on Globalization, which The Economist in April 2017 called "a hub for conspiracy theories and fake stories," and NATO information warfare specialists in November 2017 linked to a concerted effort to undermine the credibility of mainstream Western media.


Gossip Mill Mzansi

A fake news website using Wordpress, targeting South African affairs. Its misinformation is spread on social media including Facebook and Twitter.


Guerilla News

[No description]


Gummy Post

Fake news website that has published claims about President Obama issuing a full pardon for convicted rapper C-Murder, musician Kodak Black getting shot outside a nightclub in Florida, and a Hulk Hogan death hoax.


Houston Chronicle TV

Not affiliated with the legitimate Houston Chronicle.



Fake news from this website often involves popular restaurants and brands to disgust readers with its gross-out stories. One story by the site falsely reported that Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, killed himself. Another story made up an incident where a person working at a McDonald's restaurant put his mixtapes in Happy Meals. The site describes itself as "the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world."[64]



Managed by Alex Jones. Has claimed that millions of people have voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election, that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax, and that the Democratic Party was hosting a child sex slave ring out of a pizza restaurant.



Notable for its use of the IDN homograph attack, this fake news site used lookalike letters from other scripts (news coverage of the spoof did not specify which, though the examples listed demonstrate Greek and Cyrillic examples) to spoof the legitimate television station KBOI-TV's website in 2011. (The real KBOI site has since moved to a new domain, The sole purpose of the fake KBOI site was to spread an April Fool's Day joke regarding Justin Bieber being banned in the state.


KMT 11 News

Falsely reports celebrity appearances and filming locations in random local towns. Before the website went down, it referred to itself as a "fantasy news website".[78][79]


The Last Line of Defense

This website has a history of publishing fake news articles, especially of the political genre. Notable hoaxes include Donald Trump revoking the press credentials of six major news outlets, Michelle Obama getting ditched by the Secret Service, and Hillary Clinton describing Beyonce's music using racial slurs. Although the website claims to be written by "a group of educated, God-fearing Christian conservative patriots who are tired of Obama's tyrannical reign and ready to see a strong Republican take the White House," its articles are in fact all written by one person, Christopher Blair, who has written under multiple pen names. As of 2019, Blair's site is now branded as "Daily World Update: satire for flat-Earthers, Trumpsters and Y'all-Qaeda."


Liberal Society

Published a fake direct quote attributed to Obama, Falsely claimed that the White House fired Kellyanne Conway.


Liberty Writers News

Established in 2015 by Paris Wade and Ben Goldman, who told The Washington Post their stories focus on "violence and chaos and aggressive wording" to attract readers. The stories reflect the positions of supporters of Donald Trump.



Fake news website that has published claims about the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 reappearing, a billionaire wanting to recruit 1,000 women to bear his children, and an Adam Sandler death hoax.


Naha Daily

This fake news website is now defunct, and was active in a span of five months with popular fake news articles, including a fake quote by Michael Kors.


National Insider Politics

[No description]


Founder Jestin Coler told Columbia Journalism Review: "When it comes to the fake stuff, you really want it to be red meat. [...] It doesn't have to be offensive. It doesn't have to be outrageous. It doesn't have to be anything other than just giving them what they already wanted to hear." In 2013, the nonpartisan deemed a satirical site. The site's disclaimer states "All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental."[93]


Natural News

Formerly NewsTarget, a website for the sale of various dietary supplements, promotion of alternative medicine, controversial nutrition and health claims, and various conspiracy theories, such as "chemtrails", chemophobic claims (including the purported dangers of fluoride in drinking water, anti-perspirants, laundry detergent, monosodium glutamate, aspartame), and purported health problems caused by allegedly "toxic" ingredients in vaccines, including the now-discredited link to autism.


Owned by Paul Horner. Mimics the URL, design and logo of NBC News.


News Breaks Here

[No description]


NewsBuzzDaily (defunct)

This fake news website mostly consists of celebrity gossip and death hoaxes, but a few of its other stories became popular on social media. When the site was up it said that it was "a combination of real shocking news and satire news" and that articles were for "entertainment and satirical purposes" only.[29]


News Examiner

Started in 2015 by Paul Horner, the lead writer of the National Report. This website has been known to mix real news along with its fake news.


News Hound

[No description]


The News Nerd

A defunct website which used to have a disclaimer on every page.[101]


NewsPunch (formerly known as YourNewsWire)

Founded by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway in 2014. It has published fake stories, such as "claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit." Its name was changed to NewsPunch in 2018.



Began in April 2015 under the name NewsWatch28, later becoming NewsWatch33. The website disguises itself as a local television outlet. It has also been known to mix real news along with its fake news in an attempt to circumvent Facebook's crackdown on them.


The New York Evening (

This fake news website has spread numerous false claims, including a fake story claiming that Malia Obama had been expelled from Harvard.


Now 8 News (

Started in 2015, this fake news website is also designed to look like a local television outlet. Several of the website's fake stories have successfully spread on social media.


The Predicted

[No description]



A politically conservative news site described by Snopes as "a disreputable outlet that has a penchant for publishing both fake news and spurious pro-Trump articles".


React 365

This user-created fake news generator, supposedly for "pranking your friends", had at least two stories that went viral.


Red Flag News (defunct)

[No description]


The Reporterz

Starting in early 2016, this fake news website penned several different hoaxes, including one about a murder over a Twitter trend.



[No description]


Spin Zone

[No description]


St George Gazette

[No description]



This fake news purveyor specializes in articles with stories that are morally offensive.


Super Station 95

Pirate radio station and corresponding website operated by Hal Turner.


This fake news website makes "claims about President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama and Muslims, in particular, as well as click-baiting claims about porn stars and secret tricks for weight loss and whiter teeth."



[No description]


According to PolitiFact, "the site purposely writes outlandish stories to trick readers". Launched on February 21, 2017, the website gained more than 1 million page views in its first two weeks; in less than a month the site was sued by Whoopi Goldberg.


United Media Publishing

Owned by Jestin Coler.


USA Daily Info

[No description]


Falsely reports celebrity appearances and filming locations in random local towns


US Postman

[No description]


Originally registered by Jestin Coler. The Washington Post submitted a complaint against Coler's registration of the site with GoDaddy under the UDRP, and in 2015, an arbitral panel ruled that Coler's registration of the domain name was a form of bad-faith cybersquatting (specifically, typosquatting), "through a website that competes with Complainant through the use of fake news. ... The fake news content misleads readers and serves as 'click bait' to drive readers to other sites, or to share the fake news content with others on social networking websites, to generate advertising revenue."


World Truth TV

Fake news website often using clickbait headlines to get traffic.


World News Daily Report ([disputed discuss]

Run by Janick Murray-Hall. Its disclaimer states, "World News Daily Report assumes all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any person, living, dead or undead, is purely a miracle."[134]

What is yet more interesting: often these fake sites are not designed to be seen by human eyes at all, which can be a real benefit to crooks in a bot-driven economy. For example:

"The website also - at first glance - appears to be a regular news site for a city in south Texas. There are stories about local residents and President Trump's border wall with Mexico." -

Here's a screenshot of the site:

Image copyright: Social Puncher. Image caption: An investigation by Social Puncher picked apart the content of the Laredo Tribune's website

According to the BBC, the "tells" for interpreting this as a fake website: there is no publication date, there are no people in charge, and it's a very slow load, since it is completely overloaded with ads. This site had about 3.7M page views over three months, according to the audit firm SimilarWeb. Keep in mind, Laredo, Texas, had about 260k.

The high "Laredo Tribune" visit figures, provided by bots, lead to high ad-sales payouts for the site's owner.

Real Money, Fake Results

If we start looking at the financial side of all this auto-fraud, we see some amazing numbers. Our members may have been doubting my assertion above that even seasoned professionals cannot figure out their ROI on digital advertising. Well, they can't.

In this chart by Bloomberg, we see that about 75% of brand professionals are unable to do this simplest calculation on the value of their ad spend ...

... Which is almost as frightening as the final figure, which shows that agency professionals consider about 60% of ad views purchased were never seen by a human being.

Almost 40% considered this single problem to be the greatest one they face.

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek study asked two traffic-fraud-detection firms to assess recent traffic to the website "MyTopFace"; they agreed on the condition that their names not be used.

According to PPCProtect, "One found that 94 percent of 30,000 visitors were bots; the other put the bot traffic at 74 percent."

What do you call it when 94% of your paid-for ad traffic is bots?

Where do all of these problems begin? With the fraudsters? With the fake sites, or the bot armies?

Well, what if you want to launch a new online, ad-supported site, but you're just getting started, so you have no visitors, and therefore no ads? What's a wealthy company to do?

Buy them, of course, without paying too much attention to whether or not they're human.

Here's how it works:

by Dorothy Gambrell

- Bloomberg

If we look at the question of overall click fraud, measured in the US markets alone, we get a picture to date based on 2017 figures that are compelling, frightening, and a bit misleading. Compelling for their size, frightening because of the size of funding lost to fraud, and misleading because the numbers are averaged, and therefore way too low for those who deal with cheap buys, and too high for those who deal directly with publishers.

From PPCProtect:

Which categories are most subject to bot presence, and in what percentages?

A bit surprisingly, Finance is first up, according to Bloomberg. But again, don't forget that within this top figure of 22% (est.), we have sites that may be near 100% bots-driven, and others that are lower.

- Bloomberg

How blatant is click fraud, and how easy is it for buyers to avoid? Most ad buyers, for example, would likely assume that, if they bought ads on Facebook targeting a particular geography and age group, that is what they'd get.

Apparently not.

In a recent test of exactly this kind of buy, targeted to Alberta, Canada, only 36% of the viewers were in the target geographical territory.

Here's the result:



There is clearly an automated, programmable ecosystem of fake websites, fake buyers (bots), and fake clicks and views, all driven by real auctions for real advertiser budget. Indeed, it is the speed and promise of targeting that created this fantasy ad league, with some ad auction servers claiming billions of transactions per second for an unmonitored global network of sites.

What's to keep anyone from launching thousands of sites with key stories (probably fake) about Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, or Foods That Will Kill You? Nothing at all. You can buy a fake audience of bots for very little money, moving into the millions of views, and get paid regularly.

What's to keep this parasitism from growing? Clearly, from the numbers above, nothing at all; it's nearly doubling each year now.

What happens when something can't continue to grow forever? It collapses.

What will happen when this global automated fraud program collapses?

Now, that's the interesting question. Certainly, it will include vendors moving ad buys to other media, websites going bankrupt, and the real publishers finding non-automated ways of attracting quality ad clients.

As for the rest - they'll be doomed to some form of electronic oblivion.

And what, today, is the current financial damage being done, and to whom? My best estimate is that it leans toward the $30B range, and may even be higher, for this year. Worse, the damage will have been asymmetrically sorted out to the smaller businesses trying to make it using online advertising. While they will take major hits, or even go out of business without ever understanding why, the larger firms will limit fraud by going straight to the publishers, or just write it off as a cost of doing business.

That's where and when the rest of us get to pay for this massive fraud.

Your comments are always welcome.


Mark R. Anderson

Quotes of the Week

"I can think of nothing that has done more harm to the Internet than ad tech. It interferes with everything we try to do on the Web. It has cheapened and debased advertising and spawned criminal empires.... Nobody knows the exact number, but probably about 50 percent of what you're spending online is being stolen from you." - Bob Hoffman, veteran ad executive, industry critic, and author of the blog the Ad Contrarian; quoted on

"Click frauds happen in almost all networks. Ad networks keep fighting click fraud and fraudsters figure out new and ingenious ways to trick the network. Now, imagine the network does click fraud on its own. That's exactly what Facebook seems to be doing." -

"I've found selling every type of worthless traffic I am able to detect, and doing so persistently, for months and indeed, years." - Benjamin Edelman, a Harvard Business School professor who researches the digital economy; ibid.

A national security expert says we simply can't talk about Huawei the way we talk about other companies:

"She says the company is intertwined with and supported by the Chinese government in ways that most companies are not.

"[Huawei is a] state-championed company. The Chinese state has taken two Canadians hostage on behalf of Huawei. That's not a normal company, and I don't think we should be considering it as such." - Stephanie Carvin, an assistant professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, referring to Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, whose detention in China is widely speculated to be in retaliation for Canada's arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou - quoted on

Carvin says the universities are being put in an impossible situation:

"There's no good options here. It's either you're denying these universities money or we're making cheap IP [intellectual property] for the Chinese state. Pick your poison." ­- ibid.

Takeout Window

The Car Industry Pivot

About two years ago, SNS began warning members of the crisis coming to carmakers worldwide as a result of China's decision to make a local champion in the autonomous electric-car platform competition. In a winner-take-all global contest, we noted that nearly all of the Made in China 2025 technologies would be enabled, and therefore dragged along, with such a win.

Last week, Daimler announced the firing of 10,000 employees; Audi followed, with 9,600 firings - both for the purpose of repositioning for autonomous electric-vehicle design and production.

Watching Amex

We recently put American Express on our internal Watch List, based on a series of strange behaviors that seem to indicate an internal cash shortage - which, we know, sounds strange for this company.

We made the first internal call at the end of September, just before the stock fell off a small cliff a few days later.

Does it mean anything? The stock came back not long after that. But we think there's more to the story. Our members can wait and see ...

American Express Company Stock Chart

Our Favorite Googlers

Q: For 10 points, what's the difference between Larry Page / Sergey Brin and Sundar Pichai?

  1. Sundar took over the entire company in one day this week, unannounced and likely unplanned;
  2. Sergey pulled out of China due to China's illegal hacking of Google passwords, while Sundar got caught by employees preparing a secret product made for Chinese censorship;
  3. Larry and Sergey led the idea of open discussion; Sundar just limited discussion group size;
  4. Employees seem to love Larry and Sergey, and seem to protest Sundar regularly;
  5. Sundar fired an employee for writing a well-documented, private message and is now being sued for it - nothing like this happened under the founders;
  6. Sundar wants back into China.

If you don't think there's something "up" or weird about the two founders quitting overnight, you're not paying attention. Anyone have an answer?


The INVNT/IP Digest

(Inventing Nations vs. Nation-sponsored Theft of Intellectual Property)

This section highlights current stories regarding the global theft of Intellectual Property- or, Who's stealing from whom?

For more on the SNS INVNT/IP division, and how your company can get privileged access to our information, go to:


China Leads in Emerging Technology Industries, US Defense Official Warns

China Needs to Obey the Law

US Officials Warn of Danger Posed by China's Huawei and ZTE

'China Is Stealing Our Stuff and They're Not Even Hiding It': US Tech Protection Task Force

Report: Swiss Drugmaker Roche Among Several Large Firms Targeted by Hackers

FBI Warns of Cyberthreat from China Threatening US Security: Report

Is China Actually Stealing American Jobs and Wealth?

Uber Suffers Setback in Defense Against Waymo's IP Infringement Case

Detroit Metro Airport Customs Officers Stop Chinese Citizen Visiting US to Collect Sensitive Data

Five Things to Know About China's Promised Crackdown on Intellectual-Property Theft

China Just Signaled It Could Reform Its Intellectual Property Laws


'60 Minutes' Posts Russian Hacking Details

Company Interest

Huawei Funds $56M in Academic Research in Canada. That Has Some Experts Concerned

WSJ: China's Huawei Makes Phones Without US Parts

General Interest

9 Ways Data Vampires Are Bleeding Your Sensitive Information

Uber Suffers Setback in Defense Against Waymo's IP Infringement Case


Re: FiRe 2019 in Review, Parts I and II
and Special Alert: Interfering with Governments


So sorry to hear about Mark Hurd. He was an incredible leader, and the two of you were great on-stage.

Rick LeFaivre

[Past VP Advanced Technology, Apple
and Board Member
Pattern Computer Inc.
Sun Valley, ID]


Thoroughly enjoyed the late Oct '19 [FiRe review] newsletter; Keep up the good work.

FYI, I'm throwing a copy/paste of the letter to my Outlook tasks with a due date of +10 yrs.... I plan to navigate through the myriad of changes, and re-enjoy this article in 2029.

Mike McCutcheon
[Partner - Deloitte RFA - Assurance & Internal Audit
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Dallas, TX]


Great FiRe conference as always -

In case you have not seen this book [The Great Firewall of China] I thought I would forward.

All the best,

Drew Senyei
[CEO and Chair, CausliT
Venture Capitalist and AI Entrepreneur
La Jolla, CA]


You may be interested in the third and final article in a series about the EU's activities in cybersecurity. This one is entitled, "Why the EU is About to Seize the Global Lead on Cybersecurity."

Why the EU is About to Seize the Global Lead on Cybersecurity




Jody R. Westby, Esq.
CEO, Global Cyber Risk LLC
Adjunct Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science
Washington, DC


First, thanks for your big picture view! Always an eye-opener! And looking back from a decade ahead, what a great way to consider the future tense. It seems the old expression "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" might serve well here.

Unfortunately, the intention of capitalism, maximum profit at all costs, is just non-sustainable due to its non-holistic nature. Or, said another way, capitalism eats democracy until the concentrated fat of that "pork-barrel" imbalance crashes the system. Then there is our old tribal-warring instinct, in an era of nuclear potency, making an exchange far too potent to even consider, you would think. But "all options are on the table" for many of the loonie-tunes leaders today.

Add to this toxic cocktail, accelerating social inequity, which is expanding human suffering at an astounding rate, and thereby facilitating the rise of stress, frustration and terrorism. Add climate change to that, which has led to very serious national conflict and mass migration, both further exacerbating the horror to current conditions for life on Earth.

China may have put capitalism on steroids, but Wall Street and "big business" were more than willing to get in bed with China for a quick buck, at the expense of ^their own^ working class, along with exposing and facilitating "migration" of their IP. China is not doing anything new, same old capitalism, they are just "running the table," to coin the casino metaphor.

Sadly, climate change is coming on like a freight train. And, instead of biohacking, we should be focusing on the increasing viral threat for pandemics, with both the swine flu and human flu of 2019 being just one more wake-up call ignored. In the end, it appears we-miss-the-boat, and for good reason. The dominant priority of this creature is for self-aggrandizement, at the expense of a decent life for ^all^ children and their communities.

To roughly quote Ernst Mayr debating Carl Sagan on SETI: "Carl, you are not going to find it, look around - intelligence is lethal."


Patrick Hogan
[NASA Emeritus Earth Scientist
and former Director, NASA World Wind
Mountain View, CA]


"The problem is not that China wants to dominate critical technologies. The problem is the means it's using to do so - intellectual property theft on a massive scale."

Good article, but this statement is not correct. That China wants to dominate critical technologies IS the problem. It doesn't matter whether they steal it, buy it or develop it themselves. China is a Stalinist dictatorship with national interests that are opposed to ours and it is investing heavily in the future. Meanwhile, America wastes its resources on wars without victory, letting its infrastructure decay and basic education deteriorate.

Bashing Huawei is a good start, but Huawei sells almost nothing in America. Rather, it has been a big customer for American companies, so unless there is a strategic follow-up in the form of a coherent industrial policy, European, Japanese and Korean telecom companies will benefit, but American tech companies will lose business and America's structural problems will be left unsolved.

I'm not at all a fan of Breitbart news, or Sean Spicer, but it's good to see a brief article that exposes to the general public, China's entire game plan to suck the blood out of the US.

Here's the link

Exclusive – Sean Spicer: Huawei, the Threat that Is Hiding in Plain Sight

John Petote
[Founder, Santa Barbara Angel Alliance,
SNS Ambassador for Angel Investing,
and Board Member, Pattern Computer Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA]