Build Your Generative AI Roadmap

Generative AI is here, and it’s time to find its best uses – systematically and responsibly.

Member Challenge

Generative AI is disrupting all industries and providing opportunities for organization-wide advantages.

Organizations need to understand this disruptive technology and trends to properly develop a strategy for leveraging this technology successfully.

  • Generative AI requires alignment to a business strategy.
  • IT is an enabler and needs to align with and support the business stakeholders.
  • Organizations need to adopt a data-driven culture.

All organizations, regardless of size, should be planning how to respond to this new and innovative technology.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Create awareness among the CEO and C-suite of executives on the potential benefits and risks of transforming the business with generative AI.

Impact and Result

Info-Tech’s human-centric, value-based approach is a guide for deploying generative AI applications and covers:

  • Responsible AI guiding principles
  • AI Maturity Model
  • Prioritizing candidate generative AI-based use cases
  • Developing policies for usage

This blueprint will provide the list of activities and deliverables required for the successful deployment of generative AI solutions.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Build Your Generative AI Roadmap Deck – A step-by-step document that walks you through how to leverage generative AI and align with the organization’s mission and objectives to increase revenue, reduce costs, accelerate innovation, and mitigate risk.

This blueprint outlines how to build your generative AI roadmap, establish responsible AI principles, prioritize opportunities, and develop policies for usage. Establishing and adhering to responsible AI guiding principles provides safeguards for the adoption of generative AI applications.

Name Actions
Build Your Generative AI Roadmap – Phases 1-4

2. AI Maturity Assessment and Roadmap Tool – Develop deliverables that will be milestones in creating your organization’s generative AI roadmap for implementing candidate applications.

This tool provides guidance for developing the following deliverables:

  • Responsible AI guiding principles
  • Current AI maturity
  • Prioritized candidate generative AI applications
  • Generative AI policies
  • Generative AI roadmap
Name Actions
AI Maturity Assessment and Roadmap Tool

3. The Era of Generative AI C‑Suite Presentation – Develop responsible AI guiding principles, assess AI capabilities and readiness, and prioritize use cases based on complexity and alignment with organizational goals and responsible AI guiding principles.

This presentation template uses sample business capabilities (use cases) from the Marketing & Advertising business capability map to provide examples of candidates for generative AI applications. The final executive presentation should highlight the value-based initiatives driving generative AI applications, the benefits and risks involved, how the proposed generative AI use cases align to the organization’s strategy and goals, the success criteria for the proofs of concept, and the project roadmap.

Name Actions
The Era of Generative AI C‑Suite Presentation
Thought Model: Build Your Generative AI Roadmap


Altaz knows his stuff! As always, Info-Tech makes it simple.

Pima County Community College District viaPublication

The facilitator Denis was fantastic. He kept the workshop on track and came prepared everyday. I have worked with him a few times now and would say of the many workshops he has by far been the best.

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada viaPublication

Altaz is extremely knowledgeable in AI. We gain much insights from this session. Thank you!

Township of King viaPublication

The process and methodology that Altaz took me through today was excellent.

ISSofBC viaPublication

Bill is a fantastic presenter and very knowledgeable in the field of AI. He was able to answer all of my questions and left me wanting to know more. I could talk with him all day.

Oregon Youth Authority viaPublication

Altaz explained the slide is such away that everything just clicked and started to make more sense.

City of Lake Oswego viaPublication

Great experience overall. I truly appreciate being able to talk with an expert - Natalia brings so much experience and expertise to the conversation on AI. Honing in on the business case, utilizing Microsoft, modern state data architecture, etc. were...

Benchmade viaPublication

Began with a clear objective, ended meeting the objective

Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. viaPublication

Extremely valuable session, too be honest it is hard to measure the value at this time as we are in Discovery mode, figuring out the roadmaps and workshops. Bill put us straight and answered "all" our questions.

Imprint Consulting Limited, T/A Org viaPublication