Tech Trends 2024

Seize new opportunities and mitigate threats in the age of AI.

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AI has changed the game, and the generative enterprise will take center stage. Generative AI’s disruptive impact on every industry brings with it new opportunities for organizations to seize and new risks they must mitigate as they forge their strategy for the future.

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In this year’s Tech Trends report, we examine three trends to help seize the opportunities, and three trends that will help mitigate risks.

Seize Opportunities:

  1. AI-driven business models
  2. Autonomized back office
  3. Spatial computing

Mitigate Risks:

  1. Responsible AI
  2. Security by design
  3. Digital sovereignty

Impact and Result

As AI reshapes industries and business operations, IT and business leaders must adopt a strategic and purposeful approach to ensure success. Understand the implications of The Generative Enterprise on your organization’s strategy with this year’s Tech Trends report, which includes:

  • Survey data from 894 respondents on generative AI.
  • Detailed analyses and recommendations across all six trends.
  • An in-depth case study for each trend.

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1. Tech Trends 2024 Report – Understand the implications of The Generative Enterprise on your organization’s strategy.

Generative AI has entered the commercialization phase, making a big impact across industries. It's transforming business and service models, boosting efficiency in knowledge work, and ushering in a new mode of computing that will blur the lines between digital and physical. Technology leaders now have a unique opportunity to help businesses and services scale in a tough economic landscape, but not without risks. How can leaders ensure that AI is deployed responsibly while protecting their intellectual property from tech giants? Learn how tech leaders address these challenges using deep data analysis, and explore cutting-edge examples of AI that push the boundaries.

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Tech Trends 2024 Report

2. Tech Trends 2024 Keynote Presentation – A showcase for our new tech trends including a talk track, as presented at Info-Tech LIVE.

A presentation that connects Tech Trends 2024 to Exponential IT, including case studies and original data insights for each trend.

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The Generative Enterprise Keynote
Tech Trends 2024


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