Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision

Build a product vision your organization can take from strategy through execution.

Member Challenge

  • Product organizations are under pressure to align the value they provide to the organization’s goals and overall company vision.
  • You need to clearly convey your direction, strategy, and tactics to gain alignment, support, and funding from your organization.
  • Products require continuous additions and enhancements to sustain their value. This requires detailed, yet simple communication to a variety of stakeholders.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • A vision without tactics is an unsubstantiated dream, while tactics without a vision is working without a purpose. You need to have a handle on both to achieve outcomes that are aligned with the needs of your organization.

Impact and Result

  • Recognize that a vision is only as good as the data that backs it up – lay out a comprehensive backlog with quality built-in that can be effectively communicated and understood through roadmaps.
  • Your intent is only a dream if it cannot be implemented – define what goes into a release plan via the release canvas.
  • Define a communication approach that lets everyone know where you are heading.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should build a digital product vision that you can stand behind. Review Info-Tech’s methodology and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Executive Brief
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phases 1-5

1. Define a digital product vision

Define a digital product vision that takes into account your objectives, business value, stakeholders, customers, and metrics.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phase 1: Define a Digital Product Vision
Digital Product Strategy Template
Digital Product Strategy Supporting Workbook

2. Build a better backlog

Build a structure for your backlog that supports your product vision.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phase 2: Build a Better Backlog
Product Backlog Item Prioritization Tool

3. Build a product roadmap

Define standards, ownership for your backlog to effectively communicate your strategy in support of your digital product vision.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phase 3: Build a Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap Tool

4. Release and deliver value

Understand what to consider when planning your next release.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phase 4: Release and Deliver Value

5. Communicate the strategy – make it happen

Build a plan for communicating and updating your strategy and where to go next.

Name Actions
Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision – Phase 5: Communicate the Strategy – Make It Happen!
Thought Model: Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision

Onsite Workshop: Deliver on Your Digital Product Vision

Onsite workshops offer an easy way to accelerate your project. If you are unable to do the project yourself, and a Guided Implementation isn't enough, we offer low-cost onsite delivery of our project workshops. We take you through every phase of your project and ensure that you have a roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Do-It-Yourself Implementation

The slides in this Best Practice Blueprint will walk you step-by-step through every phase of your project with supporting tools and templates ready for you to use.

Project Accelerator Workshop

You can also use this Best Practice Blueprint to facilitate your own project accelerator workshop within your organization using the workshop slides and facilitation instructions provided in the Appendix.

Module 1: Define a Digital Product Vision

The Purpose

Understand the elements of a good product vision and the pieces that back it up.

Key Benefits Achieved

Provide a great foundation for an actionable vision and goals people can align to.

Activities Outputs
1.1 Build out the elements of an effective digital product vision
  • Completed product vision definition for a familiar product via the product canvas

Module 2: Build a Better Backlog

The Purpose

Define the standards and approaches to populate your product backlog that support your vision and overall strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

A prioritized backlog with quality throughout that enables alignment and the operationalization of the overall strategy.

Activities Outputs
2.1 Introduction to key activities required to support your digital product vision
  • Articulate the activities required to support the population and validation of your backlog
2.2 What do we mean by a quality backlog?
  • An understanding of what it means to create a quality backlog (quality filters)
2.3 Explore backlog structure and standards
  • Defining the structural elements of your backlog that need to be considered
2.4 Define backlog data, content, and quality filters
  • Defining the content of your backlog and quality standards

Module 3: Build a Product Roadmap

The Purpose

Define standards and procedures for creating and updating your roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

Enable your team to create a product roadmap to communicate your product strategy in support of your digital product vision.

Activities Outputs
3.1 Disambiguating backlogs vs. roadmaps
  • Understand the difference between a roadmap and a backlog
3.2 Defining audiences, accountability, and roadmap communications
  • Roadmap standards and agreed-to accountability for roadmaps
3.3 Exploring roadmap visualizations
  • Understand the different ways to visualize your roadmap and select what is relevant to your context

Module 4: Define Your Release, Communication, and Next Steps

The Purpose

  • Build a release plan aligned to your roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand what goes into defining a release via the release canvas.
  • Considerations in communication of your strategy.
  • Understand how to frame your vision to enable the communication of your strategy (via an executive summary).

Activities Outputs
4.1 Lay out your release plan
  • Release canvas
4.2 How to introduce your product vision
  • An executive summary used to introduce other parties to your product vision
4.3 Communicate changes to your strategy
  • Specifics on communication of the changes to your roadmap
4.4 Where do we get started?
  • Your first step to getting started


The engagement and discussions were very valuable.

Correctional Service of Canada viaWorkshop

Bringing disparate resources together to share a common understanding and develop some action items going forward.

Michigan State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) viaWorkshop

This was my first experience with Info-Tech. I'm super impressed with the level of service and quality of tools I received. As a rookie in the product management space, this was just the right type of content needed to help me understand what I had to do...

Donaldson Company, Inc. viaWorkshop

We are still early in the process of determining our approach to product going forward. This session really highlighted the need for us to think about product in a new way. We will likely do a workshop on digital product vision soon.

Michigan State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) viaWorkshop

Suneel's style of delivery to the team was excellent, it was very well received and the recommendations were spot on. The worst part was the delay of the final presentation, but this was due to multiple factors including our availability. Overall, this w...

Shared Services Canada - Cloud Product Management & Services Directorate viaWorkshop

Very good consultant with relevant experience and advice

Mencap viaWorkshop

Doug is a brilliant facilitator. very engaging and great listener and made everyone very comfortable with new concepts. the flow of the topics, the exercises and the diversity of views and allowing everyone to reflect and take the time to unpack the con...

CGIAR viaWorkshop

Great insights, in-depth expertise and very valuable support!

International Organization for Migration viaWorkshop

Probably the worst part is I had prior commitments and couldn't attend all of the sessions. My team's feedback has been great and has given us the confidence that we're on the right track in our efforts to transition to a product delivery focused team. K...

The Corporation of the City of Kingston viaWorkshop

Kieran was awesome. He knows the material super well, and he was able to present the material in a way broke through for everyone. He answered every question that the team had. He put us on a path that led to overwhelming success with our Agile transform...

City of Burbank viaWorkshop

Analyst was very well informed and able to pivot to answer specific questions posed during the initial call. Ari was able to provide insight on some areas we should consider going forward and to offer guidance on future engagements to further develop ou...

Shared Services Canada viaWorkshop

Working with Ari is great. He's able to adapt to my needs and help me to get the most value out of our time together.

Utah Valley University viaWorkshop

It was great information as we get started on our journey with CICD

East Penn Manufacturing Co. viaWorkshop

Fantastic facilitation and expert insight to the subject area. Very much a positive and valuable engagement.

South West Water viaWorkshop

Ari is great. Very flexible to work with me and help me learn what I need to succeed in Product Portfolio Management.

Utah Valley University viaWorkshop

Ari is an expert in his field and truly drives us to our own best thoughts based on his experience and guidance grounded in the research.

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics viaWorkshop

Overall, it was a very good experience for most of the participants. I heard that for the Product Managers they got a lot out of the roadmap exercise. Also defining the product families and learning about that is seen as valuable. We got too far in the w...

NYC Office of Technology and Innovation viaWorkshop

Best: Industry expertise on agile and great discussion Worst: Wish there was more visual slides Overall: great experience !!

Zebra Technologies Corporation viaWorkshop

Ari is awesome. He's patient with my questions and helps me really understand the concepts fully. He moves at my pace, and isn't pushy, but informs me of options that are available to me.

Utah Valley University viaWorkshop

While not necessarily the best part it was extremely helpful as to how flexible Info-Tech was in splitting up the one-day schedule into two half-days. This really helped people manage their schedules and be able to participate. It was also great how flex...

NYC Office of Technology and Innovation viaWorkshop

I enjoyed the open, collaborative nature of the call. There was a clear desire from InfoTech to brainstorm and arrive at useful options. I also appreciate the email with all the embedded links - all of which I am sure will be very useful.

Quinnox Inc viaWorkshop