Top 3 AI Digital Marketing Use Cases and Tools

Use AI digital marketing tools to generate leads, optimize SEO, and personalize the buyer journey.

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Top 3 AI Digital Marketing Use Cases and Tools

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Top 3 AI Digital Marketing Use Cases and Tools

AI in Digital Marketing

AI will change the way marketers work. It will revolutionize the output and efficiency of marketers and shape the future of the marketing industry. The waves of the change are already being felt by first movers. Early adopters will become leaders in AI tools for digital marketing. Marketers are already discovering that AI unlocks new avenues to revenue generation and cost savings, while also improving efficiency.

At this point, all marketers should already be exploring AI marketing tools to generate leads, personalize buyer journeys, and optimize SEO.

AI offers digital marketers who move quickly a first-entry advantage. Marketers implementing AI marketing tools have seen strong results, including a year-over-year increase of more than 1,000% in leads, a 60% boost in product signups, and a 1,500% increase in organic traffic. The bottom line: AI digital marketing tools have rapidly shown they improve marketing ROI.

Challenges, Legal & Ethical Considerations

Privacy considerations abound in digital marketing. Pay attention to who owns the data you are collecting. Be wary of implementing solutions that aren't compliant with GDPR and state privacy laws, such as those applicable in California and Connecticut. Consult your legal department to ensure you comply with regulations in your area.

AI Lead Generation

AI Digital Marketing Use Case #1

Use AI and big data to research your competitors and uncover leads from dark funnel sources such as anonymous website traffic, closed/lost data, third-party publisher content consumption, and visits to product review websites.

Pain Points Solved: High

AI lead generation software helps companies increase demand generation and pipeline growth.

Benefits: High

Digital marketers can use AI lead generation software to increase profitability and reduce costs. AI can quickly generate a significant pipeline for B2B SaaS providers.

Data Requirements: Medium

AI lead generation software needs data from a website and CRM. Companies should be ready to invest in advertising campaigns to drive leads to the website. AI intent data can be enriched from external review data on sites like SoftwareReviews. AI lead generation software is an external solution.

Metrics Improved: AI lead generation software decreases the cost per lead (CPL) and increases click-through rates (CTR) and deal velocity.

AI Lead Generation Case Study: 6Sense

Elisity needed more customer data when they started using 6Sense. They used the AI lead generation software to identify who visits their website and follow up with each person. They increased open opportunities by 30% and achieved 1,000% YOY growth by using keyword-based intent signals to identify buyers and research their solutions and those of competitors. In addition, they used AI lead generation software tools to retarget campaigns and send automatic alerts to sellers to inform them of new accounts and intent data.

Time and Cost to Implement: Monthly costs range from $499 to over $1,000. Implementation normally takes a few months.

Lessons Learned: Even with a limited headcount and budget, companies can significantly increase the pipeline. AI lead generation tools can help align sales and marketing efforts to reach aggressive growth targets.

AI Lead Generation Software Vendors to Evaluate: Demandbase, 6Sense, Signals

AI Personalization

AI Digital Marketing Use Case #2

AI marketing tools create a dynamic website experience by creating personalized landing pages that can increase conversions by over 50%.

Pain Points Solved: High

Generic landing pages perform poorly because they don’t resonate with buyers. This is especially true with a mobile-first audience. Even so, many companies are still using low-converting website forms instead of highly personalized landing pages. Without AI, marketers traditionally faced an impossible task of personalizing each buyer journey. Now, AI marketing tools bring the ability for a marketer to personalize the website journey for each click.

Benefits: High

Digital marketers can use AI software to personalize page copy and landing pages based on individual customer data. Many companies see success by using paid ads and driving those clicks to AI-personalized landing pages. This personalized website experience quickly demonstrates value and shows relevancy to a user using the same messaging that brought them to the site in the first place.

Data Requirements: Medium

AI uses a web personalization platform and advertising platforms to drive users to personalized landing pages. The AI marketing tool is external, but you’ll need a marketing technology stack in place.

Metrics Improved: Increased return on ad spend (ROAS) thanks to improved conversions.

AI Personalization Case Study: Mutiny HQ

Notion achieved a 60% boost in product signups with a laser-focused landing page. They used Mutiny’s AI marketing tool to dynamically personalize website content based on ads the users clicked. This led to an increase in conversion rates, which meant their ROAS also went up. This enabled Notion to reinvest in its top-performing channels. This approach also aligned their marketing and data science teams and reshaped their paid advertising strategy.

Time and Cost to Implement: AI personalization software providers will provide a custom quote. Solutions that operate across multiple channels cost more. Users report paying from around $20,000 to over $100,000 per year. Solutions usually take from six to 12 months to implement.

Lessons Learned: It is important to start small and test. Prioritize what to test based on your data.

AI Personalization Software Vendors to Evaluate: Mutiny HQ, Optimizely, Braze


AI Digital Marketing Use Case #3

Digital marketers can increase high-intent search volume with AI SEO-optimized content. Using paid ads is one way to drive traffic to a website, but it is costly and can generate low-quality leads. AI SEO tools can help to drive high-intent search traffic while reducing paid ad spend.

Marketers are concerned that using AI might penalize their SEO efforts. However, paid AI SEO software is a safe way for marketers to increase their SEO content efforts. External AI SEO tools improve content and accelerate organic growth.

Pain Points Solved: High

AI SEO tools allow marketers to decrease ad spending and focus on AI-generated organic traffic growth. Generating high-quality SEO-optimized content has traditionally been time-consuming. In addition, using SEO-optimized content all along the customer journey is complex. Marketers need AI SEO tools to understand and move high-intent customers through their journey.

Benefits: High

Digital marketers can use AI SEO tools to increase high-intent organic traffic by more than a factor of 15.

Data Requirements: Medium

AI SEO tools are more effective for marketers who have developed a content marketing strategy and understand their buyer personas and journey. Companies should have a website with a content management system that can be updated with fresh AI SEO content. AI SEO software is an external solution.

Metrics Improved: AI SEO tools increase organic traffic, high-intent traffic, conversions, and the number of pages with a first-page ranking on Google.

AI SEO Case Study:

In this use case, we have uncovered a case study that increased organic traffic by more than 1,500%. wanted to build a growth engine but was limited by the cost of bidding on highly competitive topics and keywords. Paid search had been their primary channel for bringing qualified traffic to their website, along with a typical keyword research approach for validating content ideation. To accelerate growth, needed to improve its rankings on high-intent search terms while reducing the paid search spend. Given the vast array of segments they serve, it was a daunting task.

They decided to employ a content agency along with MarketMuse’s AI-driven application to provide a content-driven customer journey that was SEO-optimized for several different personas. The use of AI SEO tools enabled them to increase their content cadence while at the same time maintaining SEO-targeted and high-quality content. MarketMuse scores all content against a Target Content Score before it gets published on

Over three months, they produced more than 500 articles with an average position rank improvement of 25. This SEO-optimized content drove high-intent buyers and increased organic traffic by 1,570 %.

Time and Cost to Implement: $399 monthly for three users and unlimited queries. It takes less than a week to start using AI SEO tools.

Lessons Learned: Even with a limited headcount and budget, companies can use AI SEO tools to increase organic and ROI from their content marketing strategy.

AI SEO Software Vendors to Evaluate: MarketMuse, SEMRush ContentShake AI,


  • Start small with your AI in digital marketing tools and explore trial periods to evaluate the software where possible .
  • If budget allows, trial all three use cases (AI SEO, AI lead generation, and AI personalization) for a more significant impact.
  • Evaluate outcomes at predetermined periods. We recommend digital marketers record their starting metrics and then evaluate them once a quarter.
  • Consult legal to ensure AI digital marketing tools comply with local and national laws.
  • Conclusion

    The mantra “lead, don’t follow,” has never been more true. Those who wait too long will become competitively irrelevant. Digital marketers that embrace cutting-edge AI tools now will create a competitive advantage for their companies, and they will also future-proof their own careers by upskilling to use AI in digital marketing.

    Our future as marketers will be determined by what we do today. Companies should invest in AI digital marketing tools and training to increase marketing ROI, ROAS, and organic growth. AI digital marketing tools promise to minimize the drudgery of repetitive tasks and increase job satisfaction. This is about more than just improving a few KPIs; AI digital marketing tools promise to change the way we work – they will allow us to become more effective and agile marketers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How is AI changing digital marketing?

    AI tools will revolutionize marketing as we know it. Until now, marketers have been unable to automate some of the most mundane tasks or build real functionality into workflows to improve the user experience. AI algorithms and deep learning can analyze buyer behavior and engage them with personalized marketing. This results in greater organic reach, a better buyer experience, and higher digital marketing ROI.

    Will marketing be replaced by AI?

    No, AI won't replace marketing, but how we do our jobs will change. AI digital marketing tools bring with them powerful automation and analysis. However, marketers will still need executive decision-making skills like problem-solving and strategy. In addition, AI learns from the past, whereas humans are a part of envisioning and creating the future.

    How is AI used in digital marketing?

    The use cases we feature in our research on AI in digital marketing are easy to implement and offer many benefits. In this research note, we have highlighted AI SEO tools that help marketers optimize their website’s organic growth, AI personalization tools that help marketers provide a personalized journey and message to each visitor on their website, and AI lead generation tools that help marketers develop high-intent leads.

    How to use AI to generate leads?

    AI lead generation software identifies potential leads through dark funnel sources. These include channels like anonymous website traffic, lost opportunities, third-party publishers, product review websites, and competitor research. The AI lead generation tools crunch all this data using sophisticated algorithms and deliver the best leads for follow-up.

    Will AI replace SEO?

    No, AI will not replace SEO. AI SEO tools will remove the drudgery of complex SEO tasks like competitive keyword research and replace the endless Excel spreadsheets required for competitive analysis. AI SEO tools will still need a human to drive the content strategy and develop a true understanding of the buyer. Human expertise will be necessary for more complex problem-solving and executive decision-making skills. AI SEO tools can increase profit and benefit businesses within the first few days of implementation.