Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service

IT can help pave the way for a Customer Service transformation.

Member Challenge

  • Customer expectations regarding service are rapidly evolving. As your current IT systems may be viewed as ineffective at delivering upon these expectations, a transformation is called for.
  • It is unclear whether IT has the system architecture/infrastructure to support modern Customer Service channels and technologies.
  • The relationship between Customer Service and IT is strained. Strategic system-related decisions are being made without the inclusions of IT, and IT is only engaged post-purchase to address integration or issues as they arise.
  • Scope: An ABPM-centric approach is taken to model the desired future state, and retrospectively look into the current state to derive gaps and sequential requirements. The requirements are bundled into logical IT initiatives to be plotted on a roadmap and strategy document.
  • Challenge: The extent to which business processes can be mapped down to task-based Level 5 can be challenging depending on the maturity of the organization.
  • Pain/Risk: The health of the relationship between IT and Customer Service may determine project viability. Poor collaboration and execution may strain the relationship further.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • When transformation is called for, start with future state visioning. Current state analysis can impede your ability to see future needs and possibilities.
  • Solve your own problems by enhancing core or “traditional” Customer Service functionality first, and then move on to more ambitious business enabling functionality.
  • The more rapidly businesses can launch applications in today’s market, the better positioned they are to improve customer experience and reap the associated benefits. Ensure that technology is implemented with a solid strategy to support the initiative.

Impact and Result

  • The right technology is established to support current and future Customer Service needs.
  • Streamlined and optimized Customer Service processes that drive efficiency and improve Customer Service quality are established.
  • The IT and Customer Service functions are both transformed from a cost center into a competitive advantage.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Structure the project

Identify project stakeholders, define roles, and create the project charter.

Name Actions
Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service Storyboard
Project RACI Chart
Project Charter

2. Define vision for future state

Identify and model the future state of key business processes.

Name Actions
Customer Service Business Process Shortlisting Tool
Customer Service Systems Strategy Tool

3. Document current state and assess gaps

Model the current state of key business processes and assess gaps.

Name Actions

4. Evaluate solution options

Review the outputs of the current state architecture health assessment and adopt a preliminary posture on architecture.

Name Actions

5. Evaluate application options

Evaluate the marketplace applications to understand the “art of the possible.”

Name Actions

6. Frame desired state and develop roadmap

Compile and score a list of initiatives to bridge the gaps, and plot the initiatives on a strategic roadmap.

Name Actions
Customer Service Initiative Scoring and Roadmap
Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service