Build Investor Awareness to Secure Next-Round Financing

Crafting a killer pitch deck, documenting the investor journey, and executing a well-structured awareness campaign to gain next-round financing.

Thought Model: Build Investor Awareness to Secure Next-Round Financing

Member Challenge

Your startup needs to quickly secure new financing. Leadership looks to the PR head to support their efforts. PR will face the following challenges:

  • A looming deadline where existing financing will end.
  • Missing ideal investor profile (IIP) or who we should be targeting.
  • A lack of targeted documents for investors to review in the due diligence process.
  • A lack of a dedicated virtual secure data room designed for investors.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Our research shows that as PR starts to implement, they often run into an organizational lack of the following.

  • Proper tools and databases to find, analyze and target potential investors.
  • Knowledge of what investors want in a pitch deck and due diligence documents, so they contain needed content.
  • Key spokespersons prepared to speak with potential investors.

Impact and Result

This SoftwareReviews blueprint provides PR with the guidance and tools to support the CEO in securing additional funding quickly. Use this blueprint to:

  • Identify key investors who invest in companies at your stage in the start-up journey.
  • Craft investor-focused messaging and information placed in the proper locations and channels.
  • Ensure external databases have accurate company information.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Build Investor Awareness to Secure Next-Round Financing Phases 1-2 – This blueprint shows how using public relations can significantly increase the success of receiving funding from investors.

By following the step-by-step process, the PR lead can fully understand the ideal investor profile, be able to identify specific investors, build documents that meet investor needs and support the necessary virtual data room.

Name Actions
Build Investor Awareness to Secure Next-Round Financing – Phases 1-2

2. Investor Pitch Deck Template – This detailed template will guide you in building an investor pitch deck with needed information.

This template guides you in determining the information needed by investors as they evaluate a funding decision.

Name Actions
Investor Pitch Deck Template

3. Investor Interview Insight Guide – This detailed document will guide you as you interview investors to gain feedback.

This guide enables you to record feedback from select investors about their approach to evaluating companies looking for funding.

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Investor Interview Insight Guide

4. Investor Meeting Guide – This template can be used to coach the key spokespeople.

This template guides you in preparing the key spokesperson for investor meetings.

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Investor Meeting Guide

5. Investor Campaign Presentation Template – This template will enable you to show the PR campaign results.

Use this template to document outcomes.

Name Actions
Investor Campaign Presentation Template

6. Investor Campaign Tracking Templates – These templates make it easy for you to track progress on tasks for the campaign to ensure the funding is a success.

Use these templates to define key responsibilities and tasks to complete, document investor contacts, determine the due diligence documents needed, and verify accuracy of source data websites used by investors.

Name Actions
RACI and Task Checklist
Key Investor Contacts Template
Due Diligence Document Checklist
Investor Website Data Checklist