Improve Win Rates With a Sales Enablement Strategy

Stagnating sales velocity may not be due to external market factors. Empower your sales team to drive higher win rates and boost revenues.

Improve Win Rates With a Sales Enablement Strategy

Member Challenge

  • Sales enablement lacks leadership or direction. Marketing and sales teams are reactive when delivering content to close leads or enhance cross/upselling. This disunity leads to wasted time for both teams and slows down (perhaps even loses) deals moving through the pipeline.
  • Revenue growth is negatively impacted on a number of fronts without mature sales enablement processes: wasted labour resourcing, poor sales velocity, and lost opportunities to be competitive with advanced marketing strategies.
  • The technology stack that marketing and sales teams use is unsecure, difficult to navigate, and does not capture key insights for content delivery success. IT is in continual firefighter mode for integrations, data quality review, and enabling cyber security.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Sales enablement strategies empower organizations to drive sales velocity and boost revenues. Don’t be too quick to blame stagnating win rates on external market factors. Taking collective responsibility for past sales enablement failings is empowering. Solidarity between sales, marketing, and other core departments rallies toward future state success.

Impact and Result

Use SoftwareReviews’ three-phase methodology to build a right-sized sales enablement strategy:

  • Benchmark your current sales enablement maturity with a comprehensive diagnostic.
  • Discover and prioritize your high-value task lists for enhancing future sales enablement.
  • Secure buy-in and implement your initiatives roadmap for sales enablement.

The result: an actionable sales enablement strategy captured in our Executive Presentation template.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Improve Win Rates with a Sales Enablement Strategy – Diagnose the maturity of your current sales enablement processes.

This blueprint provides a maturity assessment of your current sales enablement processes and, in turn, derives concrete initiatives toward building your sales enablement strategy.

Name Actions
Improve Win Rates with a Sales Enablement Strategy Storyboard

2. Sales Enablement Strategy Executive Presentation – Secure sales enablement initiatives buy-in from senior management with this boardroom-ready executive deck.

A boardroom-ready deck that captures the high-value initiatives to enhance the organization’s sales enablement processes.

Name Actions
Sales Enablement Strategy Executive Presentation

3. Sales Enablement Maturity Diagnostic – Align your team on where your current process maturity falls across six evaluative criteria.

Benchmark your current sales enablement process maturity, and derive concrete initiatives for improvement.

Name Actions
Sales Enablement Maturity Diagnostic

Onsite Workshop: Improve Win Rates With a Sales Enablement Strategy

Onsite workshops offer an easy way to accelerate your project. If you are unable to do the project yourself, and a Guided Implementation isn't enough, we offer low-cost onsite delivery of our project workshops. We take you through every phase of your project and ensure that you have a roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Do-It-Yourself Implementation

The slides in this Best Practice Blueprint will walk you step-by-step through every phase of your project with supporting tools and templates ready for you to use.

Project Accelerator Workshop

You can also use this Best Practice Blueprint to facilitate your own project accelerator workshop within your organization using the workshop slides and facilitation instructions provided in the Appendix.

Module 1: Assess Current State

The Purpose

Perform a current state assessment.

Key Benefits Achieved

Outline of business context implications for sales enablement.

Activities Outputs
1.1 Introduce concept of sales enablement and its criteria for success.
  • Alignment on meaning and benefits of sales enablement.
1.2 Define challenges and opportunities for sales enablement.
  • List of areas where sales enablement could have strong impact.
1.3 Identify business and technology drivers for a sales enablement strategy.
  • Business and technology drivers outlined.
1.4 Analyze environmental factors with PEST analysis.
  • Environmental scan.
1.5 Document KPIs and risk register.
  • Documented metrics for success.

Module 2: Benchmark Maturity

The Purpose

Benchmark the organization’s current sales enablement maturity.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Future state vision for sales enablement.
  • Sales enablement maturity diagnostic results.

Activities Outputs
2.1 Understand best-in-class state for sales enablement maturity.
  • Knowledge building for sales enablement art of the possible.
2.2 Create the vision statement, mission statement, and guiding principles for sales enablement strategy.
  • Alignment for how sales enablement directly ties to business objectives.
2.3 Diagnose current sales enablement maturity across six criteria.
  • Understand how sales enablement process maturity breaks down across different evaluative criteria.
2.4 Align on maturity benchmarking results.
  • Ensuring the team understands the current state sales enablement maturity of the organization.

Module 3: Bridge to Future State.

The Purpose

Derive concrete initiatives for enhancing sales enablement maturity.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • High-value sales enablement initiatives shortlist.
  • Application portfolio assessment.

Activities Outputs
3.1 Identify initiative longlist across six criteria for improving sales enablement maturity.
  • Reviewed benchmark results and documented longlist of sales enablement initiatives.
3.2 Shortlist high-value initiatives that align with business drivers.
  • Reduction of longlist to a shortlist of high-value initiatives.
3.3 Perform an application portfolio assessment.
  • Application portfolio assessment.
3.4 Align sales enablement business requirements with technology requirements.
  • Understanding of technology gaps in support for current and future sales enablement initiatives.

Module 4: Build Initiatives Roadmap.

The Purpose

Align on post-workshop governance and next steps.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Initiatives roadmap.
  • Post-workshop governance outline.

Activities Outputs
4.1 Align high-value initiatives with in-flight business objectives.
  • Knowledge of how sales enablement initiatives could tag onto inflight business objectives, or which initiatives require more resourcing.
4.2 Build initiatives roadmap with two-to-three-year horizon.
  • Initiatives roadmap.
4.3 Document initiatives roadmap governance and communication plan.
  • Governance RACI chart and communication plan.
4.4 Sponsor check-in.
  • Sponsor alignment with team results.