Capitalizing on AI

Supercharge Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success growth by selecting the right AI initiative.

Thought Model: Capitalizing on AI

Member Challenge

There are many obstacles and challenges that we see when marketers are selecting and implementing an AI initiative. These obstacles include:

  • A lack of confidence in Marketing's technical expertise
  • Resistance to AI technology
  • Technical resource constraints
  • A lack of structured data for AI learning
  • Ethical concerns about the new technology

Our Advice

Critical Insight

AI is here. Cut through the hype and start with the right initiative. Supercharge revenue growth, accelerate operational efficiency, and increase cost savings with the right AI initiative. Evaluate AI applications according to the value they will bring and your company’s readiness to implement. Prioritize those AI initiatives with the highest value-readiness score to deploy across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

Impact and Result

After working through this research, you'll come away with the ability to:

  • Identify and prioritize the most impactful and realistic AI initiatives for the organization.
  • Identify metrics that will be improved through leveraging AI for growth.
  • Develop internal AI capabilities.
  • Move forward with an agile adoption of AI initiatives.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Capitalizing on AI deck – Drive revenue, save costs, and increase operational efficiency with the right AI initiative

The Capitalizing on AI storyboard will guide you in how to select AI initiatives that are golden opportunities, focusing on those that have a high value and that your organization is ready to implement.

Name Actions
Capitalizing on AI

2. AI Use Cases – A comprehensive repository of AI use cases across the Technology and Marketing Management framework.

Use this comprehensive library of AI use cases from across the Technology and Marketing Management framework to identify the AI use cases best suited to deliver value to your organization.

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AI Use Cases

3. AI Evaluation Tool – An interactive tool that allows you to score and rank your highest-scoring AI initiatives.

Flesh out your AI use cases and create AI initiatives with assigned value and readiness scores. Rank and present your highest-scoring AI initiatives.

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AI Evaluation Tool

4. Capitalizing on AI Executive Presentation – Capitalize on AI with this executive presentation to get buy-in and get started on your AI initiatives.

Present your highest-ranked AI initiative to your executive committee so that you can get approval, budget, and resources to move forward with high-value AI initiatives.

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Capitalizing on AI Executive Presentation