Create a Buyer Persona and Journey

Make it easier to market, sell, and achieve product-market fit with deeper buyer understanding.

Create a Buyer Persona and Journey

Member Challenge

  • Contacts fail to convert to leads because messaging fails to resonate with buyers.
  • Products fail to reach targets given shallow understanding of buyer needs.
  • Sellers' emails go unopened and attempts at discovery fail due to no understanding of buyer challenges, pain points, and needs.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Marketing leaders in possession of well-researched and up-to-date buyer personas and journeys dramatically improve product market fit, lead gen, and sales results.
  • Success starts with product, marketing, and sales alignment on targeted personas.
  • Speed to deploy is enabled via initial buyer persona attribute discovery internally.
  • However, ultimate success requires buyer interviews, especially for the buyer journey.
  • Leading marketers update journey maps every six months as disruptive events such as COVID-19 and new media and tech platform advancements require continual innovation.

Impact and Result

  • Reduce time and treasure wasted chasing the wrong prospects.
  • Improve product-market fit.
  • Increase open and click-through rates in your lead gen engine.
  • Perform more effective sales discovery and increase eventual win rates.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Our Executive Brief summarizes the challenges faced when buyer persona and journeys are ill-defined. It describes the attributes of, and the benefits that accrue from, a well-defined persona and journey and the key steps to take to achieve success.

Name Actions
Create a Buyer Persona and Journey – Executive Brief
Create a Buyer Persona and Journey – Phases 1-3

1. Drive an aligned initial draft of buyer persona

Define and align your team on target persona, outline steps to capture and document a robust buyer persona and journey, and capture current team buyer knowledge.

Name Actions
Buyer Persona Creation Template
Buyer Persona and Journey Interview Guide and Data Capture Tool

2. Interview buyers and validate persona and journey

Hold initial buyer interviews, test initial results, and continue with interviews.

Name Actions

3. Prepare communications and educate stakeholders

Consolidate interview findings, present to product, marketing, and sales teams. Work with them to apply to product design, marketing launch/campaigning, and sales and customer success enablement.

Name Actions
Buyer Persona and Journey Summary Template