The AI Advantage for Smarter Marketing – A Primer

AI-powered marketing: Unlocking the power of AI to analyze, predict, and personalize your content.

Thought Model: The AI Advantage for Smarter Marketing – A Primer

Member Challenge

  • Understand that AI is quite a complex topic and it can be challenging to know where to start.
  • Apply AI to your goal and prioritize what matters most.
  • Learn about the AI technology and how it relates to marketing and sales.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • AI is essential for marketing success. There are many ways that AI can help marketers in various aspects of their work – the key is to find the best starting point based on your readiness, capabilities, and value proposition.
  • Marketing departments often fall for the hype of projects that are popular in the media. However, savvy marketers have been using AI for business intelligence even before ChatGPT came along. It’s better to focus on areas where small increases in conversion rate can lead to huge growth. We suggest focusing on the bottom of the funnel because it can boost new growth and improve Net Revenue Return (NRR) with existing customers.

Impact and Result

  • Provide marketing leaders with a hands-on understanding of AI applications, enabling them to implement winning strategies and achieve marketing goals.

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1. The AI Advantage for Smarter Marketing – A Primer Executive Brief

This presentation emphasizes the AI advantage for smarter marketing and refers to the use of AI-powered tools and techniques to analyze, predict, and personalize marketing efforts. AI can help marketers unlock the power of data to make more informed decisions, improve customer targeting, and enhance the overall customer experience. This includes:

  • AI-powered marketing: Advantages of using AI for smarter marketing.
  • AI primer: Introduction to the history and workings of AI.
  • Benefits and limitations: Discussion of the pros and cons of using AI in marketing.
  • Framework for marketing leaders: Approach to AI, focusing on analytical, predictive, and generative applications.
  • Strategic decision: Importance of careful planning, execution, and evaluation for successful AI implementation.
  • Cross-functional teams: Example of companies like VMware creating teams to explore, test, and prioritize AI introduction.
  • Goals: Increase revenue, retain customers, and keep employees happy.
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The AI Advantage for Smarter Marketing – A Primer Executive Brief