Scale Your Marketing Department

Select the right team model and agency for a high-performing organization.

Thought Model: Scale Your Marketing Department

Member Challenge

Inadequate internal team structure and partner choices can lead to:

  • Poor performance, lack of agility, and delivery
  • Higher costs and ineffective marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Limited innovation and creativity in initiatives
  • Low employee morale and high turnover

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Obstacles that can impede the achievement of a well-organized and effective marketing department can include:

  • Limited resources (budget/technology), and difficulty in finding and retaining top talent
  • Lack of alignment between internal teams and external agencies
  • Non-collaborative and non-innovative team models
  • Resistance to change from other departments or senior leadership

Impact and Result

Proper organization of marketing departments can assist companies in:

  • Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies
  • Managing resources more efficiently
  • Fostering collaboration and innovation

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Scale Your Marketing Department Executive Brief – A blueprint to guide organizations in scaling up their marketing capabilities by selecting the right team model and partners to simplify processes, foster collaboration, and achieve better results.

This document provides valuable insights on traditional and modern marketing team models and how to effectively integrate agency partners within your team. It also includes self-assessment tools to evaluate your marketing department's efficiency and agency hiring needs, enabling you to enhance your team's agility and performance with external resources.

Name Actions
Scale Your Marketing Department Executive Brief
Agency Evaluation Questionnaire and Log