Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

Member Challenge

PR leaders are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building excess mindshare and measuring the corresponding SOV. The keys to success include understanding your buyer’s persona and journey and crafting the right assets activated across all the channels where SOV is measured. Aligning/coordinating with campaigners is key; they focus on buyers, and PR focuses on the other constituents – investors/ shareholders, influencers, media, etc. to keep your brand top of mind.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Our research shows that as a PR lead starts to implement a Share of Voice (SOV) campaign, they face many obstacles including:
  • A lack of alignment and understanding by leadership about how Share of Value affects market share.
  • A baseline of SOV and market share and budget to pay for a SOV measurement platform.
  • Budget to hire external resources to write and produce content.

Impact and Result

This SoftwareReviews blueprint provides the PR lead with guidance and tools to develop and execute an SOV campaign, the guidance to determine current market share and tips on selecting a platform to track changes.

Use this blueprint to:

  • Gain alignment between C-suite and Sales on a PR campaign to build SOV.
  • Identify tools to establish a baseline of SOV and market share and to track changes.
  • Implement the needed systems integration to ensure top-of-funnel arrivals attracted by PR awareness campaigns get tagged with PR attribution.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon – This blueprint shows how public relations can build Share of Voice (SOV) to increase market share and helps you select an SOV platform.

By following this step-by-step process, the PR lead can help leadership understand the value of SOV as it affects market share. It will also provide guidance on how to select a SOV platform subscription and establish systems to track PR attribution.

Name Actions
Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon Storyboard

2. Key Deliverable – This PPT template can be used to define market share and track PR attributions. It also enables you to track needed assets.

This deck enables you to determine market share and determine available assets and needed new assets. This tool can be used to present details to leadership.

Name Actions
SOV Executive Presentation Template

Onsite Workshop: Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

Onsite workshops offer an easy way to accelerate your project. If you are unable to do the project yourself, and a Guided Implementation isn't enough, we offer low-cost onsite delivery of our project workshops. We take you through every phase of your project and ensure that you have a roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Do-It-Yourself Implementation

The slides in this Best Practice Blueprint will walk you step-by-step through every phase of your project with supporting tools and templates ready for you to use.

Project Accelerator Workshop

You can also use this Best Practice Blueprint to facilitate your own project accelerator workshop within your organization using the workshop slides and facilitation instructions provided in the Appendix.

Module 1: Alignment and Ideal Investor Defined

The Purpose

Educate, gain alignment, and validate.

Key Benefits Achieved

Key stakeholders are educated and aligned, Share of Voice contribution to market share is validated.

Activities Outputs
1.1 Discuss the value of leadership in understanding the relationship between SOV and market share.
  • Leadership understands the influence a strong SOV has on growing market share.
1.2 Outline the value of an omnichannel PR campaign to build a SOV and influence the market share.
1.3 Review the validated buyer persona and journey, brand health, and value prop.
  • The buyer persona and journey are documented.

Module 2: Master Investor List and Gathering Information

The Purpose

Define the campaign, resources, and budget.

Key Benefits Achieved

Budget is defined and resources are identified.

Activities Outputs
2.1 Research current trends and topics. Create a list of potential topics.
  • Current trends are researched and documented.
2.2 Create a calendar and list the amount and type of content and needed resources to produce.
2.3 Evaluate SOV platforms and select one.
  • An SOV platform is selected and approved.
2.4 Create a budget based on the needed resources and cost of the platform.
  • A budget to cover expenses has been created and approved.

Module 3: Build Assets and Gain Input

The Purpose

Develop content and coaching spokespersons.

Key Benefits Achieved

Content is defined and developed. Spokespersons are prepared.

Activities Outputs
3.1 Discuss the assignment of content development based on the available resources.
  • A content development process is defined, resources determined, and the review/approval process outlined.
3.2 Discuss the review and approval process for this content.
3.3 Discuss the need to coach key spokespersons. Verify bios and photos are accurate across all platforms.
  • Mock coaching sessions for key spokespersons. Published bios and photos are current.
3.4 Discuss developing a list of media contacts and key influencers and the need to keep it current.

Module 4: Verify Data Sources are Accurate and Interview Is Ready

The Purpose

Establish baseline SOV and explore media.

Key Benefits Achieved

Final preparations are completed.

Activities Outputs
4.1 Discuss the implementation of the SOV platform and of setting a baseline.
  • A baseline SOV is established for your company and your main competitors.
4.2 Discuss the roles each department will play in the release of content.
  • The first wave of content is ready for release and roles have been assigned.
4.3 Discuss the tracking of sales wins and understand how the campaign is affecting them.
  • SOV tracking is defined and ready to be implemented.

Module 5: Final Prep Completed and Spokesperson Prepared

The Purpose

Launch, track outcomes, and refresh content.

Key Benefits Achieved

Confidence that everything is ready.

Activities Outputs
5.1 Hold a “mock” release of assets and discuss tracking of outcomes to be used in the executive presentation deck.
  • The first wave of content has been released.
5.2 Practice a “mock” presentation of the outcomes of the campaign.
5.3 Discuss ongoing posts and outcome tracking.
  • Tracking has begun and a process to modify content is defined.
5.4 Discuss how needed changes in content will be determined.
  • The SOV Executive Presentation deck is ready to be updated and presented monthly.