Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

Thought Model: Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

Member Challenge

PR leaders are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building excess mindshare and measuring the corresponding SOV. The keys to success include understanding your buyer’s persona and journey and crafting the right assets activated across all the channels where SOV is measured. Aligning/coordinating with campaigners is key; they focus on buyers, and PR focuses on the other constituents – investors/ shareholders, influencers, media, etc. to keep your brand top of mind.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Our research shows that as a PR lead starts to implement a Share of Voice (SOV) campaign, they face many obstacles including:
  • A lack of alignment and understanding by leadership about how Share of Value affects market share.
  • A baseline of SOV and market share and budget to pay for a SOV measurement platform.
  • Budget to hire external resources to write and produce content.

Impact and Result

This SoftwareReviews blueprint provides the PR lead with guidance and tools to develop and execute an SOV campaign, the guidance to determine current market share and tips on selecting a platform to track changes.

Use this blueprint to:

  • Gain alignment between C-suite and Sales on a PR campaign to build SOV.
  • Identify tools to establish a baseline of SOV and market share and to track changes.
  • Implement the needed systems integration to ensure top-of-funnel arrivals attracted by PR awareness campaigns get tagged with PR attribution.

Research & Tools

Name Actions

1. Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon – This blueprint shows how public relations can build Share of Voice (SOV) to increase market share and helps you select an SOV platform.

By following this step-by-step process, the PR lead can help leadership understand the value of SOV as it affects market share. It will also provide guidance on how to select a SOV platform subscription and establish systems to track PR attribution.

Name Actions
Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon Storyboard

2. SOV Executive Presentation Template – This template can be used to define market share and track PR attributions. It also enables you to track needed assets.

This deck enables you to determine market share and determine available assets and needed new assets. This tool can be used to present details to leadership.

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SOV Executive Presentation Template