Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide

Streamline your organizational approach to selecting a right-sized marketing management platform.

Member Challenge

  • Selecting and implementing the right MMS platform – one that aligns with your requirements is a significant undertaking.
  • Despite the importance of selecting and implementing the right MMS platform, many organizations struggle to define an approach to picking the most appropriate vendor and rolling out the solution in an effective and cost-efficient manner.
  • IT often finds itself in the unenviable position of taking the fall for an MMS platform that doesn’t deliver on the promise of the MMS strategy.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • MMS platform selection must be driven by your overall customer experience management strategy. Link your MMS selection to your organization’s CXM framework.
  • Determine what exactly you require from your MMS platform; leverage use cases to help guide selection.
  • Ensure strong points of integration between your MMS and other software such as CRM and POS. Your MMS solution should not live in isolation; it must be part of a wider ecosystem.

Impact and Result

  • An MMS platform that effectively meets business needs and delivers value.
  • Reduced costs during MMS vendor platform selection and faster time to results after implementation.

Research & Tools

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1. Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide – A deck that walks you through the process of building your business case and selecting the proper MMS platform.

This blueprint will help you build a business case for selecting the right MMS platform, define key requirements, and conduct a thorough analysis and scan of the current state of the ever-evolving MMS market space.

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Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide Storyboard
Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide