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Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth

Have a significant and well-targeted impact on business success and growth by knowing how your brand performs, identify areas of improvement, and making data-driven decisions to fix it.

Client Challenge

  • Low number and quality of leads generated, poor conversion rates, and declining customer retention and loyalty
  • Higher customer acquisition vs. marketing costs
  • Difficulties attracting and keeping talent, partners, and investors
  • Slow or low growth and devaluation of the brand due to low brand equity

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The Brand: Intangible, yet a company’s most valuable asset.
  • Data-driven decisions for a strong brand.
  • Investing in brand-building efforts means investing in your success.

Impact and Result

  • Increase brand awareness and equity.

  • Build trust and improve customer retention and loyalty.

  • Achieve higher and faster growth.

Research & Tools

Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth Executive Brief – A deck to help diagnose brand health to improve business growth.

In this executive brief, you will discover the importance of a strong brand on the valuation, growth, and sustainability of your company. You will also learn about SoftwareReviews' approach to assessing current performance and gaining visibility into areas of improvement.

Name Actions
Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth – Executive Brief
Diagnose Brand Health to Improve Business Growth Storyboard

1. Brand Diagnostic and Analysis Tool Kit

A comprehensive set of tools to gather and interpret qualitative and quantitative brand performance metrics.

Name Actions
Brand Diagnostic Tool - Digital Metrics Analysis Template
Brand Diagnostic Tool - Financial Metrics Analysis Template
Brand Diagnostic Tool Survey and Interview Questionnaires and Lists Template
Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines
Brand Diagnostic Tool - External and Internal Factors Metrics Analysis Template

2. Brand Diagnostic Executive Presentation

Fully customizable, pre-built PowerPoint presentation template to communicate the results of the brand performance diagnostic, areas of improvement and trends, as well as your recommendations. It will also allow you to identify and align executive members and key stakeholders on next steps, and set priorities.

Name Actions
Brand Diagnostic - Executive Presentation Template