Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter the Most

Understand what truly keeps your customer satisfied. Measure what matters to improve customer experience and increase satisfaction and advocacy. 

Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter the Most

Member Challenge

  • Lack of understanding of what is truly driving customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of insight into who our satisfied and dissatisfied customers are.
  • Lack of a system for early detection of declines in satisfaction.
  • Lack of clarity on what to improve and how resources should be allocated.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • All software companies measure satisfaction in some way, but many lack understanding of what’s truly driving customers to stay or leave. By understanding the true drivers of satisfaction, solution providers can measure and monitor satisfaction more effectively, pull actionable insights and feedback, and make changes to products and services that customers really care about and will keep them coming back to you to have their needs met.
  • Obstacles:
    • Use of metrics that don’t provide the insight needed to make impactful changes that will boost satisfaction and ultimately, retention and profit.
    • Lack of a clear definition of what satisfaction means to customers, metric definitions and/or standard methods of measurement, and a consistent monitoring cadence.

Impact and Result

  • Understanding of who your satisfied and dissatisfied customers are.
  • Understanding of the true drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among your customer segments.
  • Establishment of a repeatable process and cadence for effective satisfaction measurement and monitoring.
  • Development of an executable customer satisfaction improvement plan that identifies customer journey pain points and areas of dissatisfaction, and outlines how to improve them.
  • Knowledge of where money, time, and other resources are needed most to improve satisfaction levels and ultimately increase retention.

Research & Tools

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1. Measure and Manage the Customer Satisfaction Metrics that Matter the Most Deck – An overview of how to understand what drives customer satisfaction and how to measure and manage it for improved business outcomes.

Understand the true drivers of customer satisfaction and build a process for managing and improving customer satisfaction.

This executive brief will help you understand the true drivers of satisfaction for your customers, what metrics to measure and monitor, and develop a plan for how to improve satisfaction.

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Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter the Most Executive Brief